Paracord EDCX Type IV 750 (vert Armée)



Paracord Type IV 750 11 brins

Fabrication européenne

Caractéristiques : 

Diamètre : 4 mm

Matière : nylon de haute qualité

Poids au mètre : 8.4 gr

Résistance : 330 kg

Structure : 11 brins

Longueur : 10 mètres

Plus de détails

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3,32 € HT

Fiche technique

Matière : 100% nylon
Longueur : 10 mètres

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Paracord is a multifunctional rope that was initially used by American paratroopers as a suspension line. Nowadays, paracord has even more uses options: military and touristic fields, manufacturing of equipment, clothes and shoes, daily life and handmade.

Its main feature is light weight and durability: up to 250kg on the load!

Paracord 750  - Is an improved version of paracord 550. Its main difference is the core that contains 11 enhanced threads which allow the cord to withstand the load of 330kg.